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Shake by LegalShield Agreement Types

The Shake by LegalShield App comes pre-installed with a library of agreement templates that can be easily customized, signed and sent via your mobile device.

The pre-installed templates include:

How To Access Additional Agreement Types

In order to access one of Shake by LegalShield’s new template types, please navigate to the desired agreement page below and click on the Get Started button.

  • If you are an existing Shake by LegalShield user, sign into your account on the agreement page and a new folder will appear in your app.
  • If you are new to Shake by LegalShield, please create an account via the agreement page  below. When you download the Shake by LegalShield app, the new agreement type will be waiting for you.

Additional Agreement Types

free dj contract

DJ Contract

  • What is it – A contract outlining the terms and conditions for a DJ performance
  • Who should use it – DJs, event planners, wedding organizers.

Founder Handshake
Founder Accord

  • What is it – Document outlining team roles, responsibilities, and stake in an early stage business.
  • Who should use it - Early stage entrepreneurs, startup founders.

airbnb contract
Guest Agreement

  • What is it – Document outlining house rules for a visiting guest.
  • Who should use it –People who are hosting guests via a short-term rental site such as Airbnb, HomeAway, CouchSurfing etc.

Image Release/Model Release

  • What is it – Set of documents that grant photographers the right to use a person’s likeness in their work.
  • Who should use it – Photographers, anyone looking to sell images via stock photography sites.

music notes
Musician Agreements

  • What is it – A set of agreements for musicians playing in live venues and recording sessions.
  • Who should use it – Musicians, singers, bands, event planners, music bookers, music producers, venue managers.

nanny baby carriage
Nanny Agreement

  • What is it – Agreement for hiring a nanny.
  • Who should use it - Anyone looking to hire a nanny or other childcare professional to look after their children.

roommate agreement
Roommate Agreement

  • What is it – Document outlining house rules and responsibilities for people who share a living space.
  • Who should use it – College students and anyone who lives with a roommate.

free construction contract

Skilled Labor Agreement

  • What is it – Independent contractor agreement for skilled labor professions.
  • Who should use it - Carpenters, general contractors, electricians, house cleaners, landscapers, maintenance workers, masons, plumbers, subcontractors, and tradesmen.

free startup contracts
Startup Bundle

  • What is it – A collection of 11 documents commonly used by startups. The collection includes Founder agreements, NDAs, Funding (convertible debt), Funding (convertible equity), offer letters, consulting agreements, and freelance templates.
  • Who should use it - Startups, young businesses, spiring entrepreneurs.

video production contracts
Video Production Legal Bundle

  • What is it – A collection of 20 contract templates that filmmakers and video professionals most often need on location or on set.
  • Who should use it – Directors, Producers, Actors, Casting Agents, Composers, Crew Members, Costume Designers, Hairdressers, Makeup Artists, Film Editors, Photography Directors, Music Licensers.

wedding ring

Wedding Bundle

  • What is it – A collection of 8 contract templates to set expectations with wedding vendors.
  • Who should use it – Brides-to-Be, Caterers, DJs, Event Planners, Florists, Grooms-to-Be, Musicians, Photographers, Singers, Videographers, Wedding Planners.

2014 Holiday Bundle (please email us if you would like to access any of these)

  • What is it – A collection of 5 holiday themed contracts, including a Recipe NDA, a New Year’s Resolution template, and a Black Friday Anti-Splurge Pact.
  • Who should use it – Anyone who wants to have a stress free and fun holiday season.

We are regularly adding agreements to this list, so be sure to check back often. If you have any issues adding a template type, please contact us at