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500 Startups’ KISS Funding Docs Are Now Available on Shake

by Abe Geiger 500 Startups’ KISS Funding Docs Are Now Available on Shake

Startup accelerator 500Startups recently created a set of free legal documents designed  for startup founders and investors to be able to quickly and easily raise money. This collection, known as KISS, stands for “Keep It Simple Security.”

The documents were designed to be flexible without being overly customizable, simple while still including all of the necessary features, and balanced from both a company and investor standpoint.

We love this trend of standardizing and simplifying agreements and we think 500 Startups did a great job of making these docs easy to understand and accessible. So, hats off to 500 Startups for investing the time and effort to draft these contracts and for sharing them with the startup community, entrepreneurs and investors alike.

We recognize that these documents could be of great interest to the Shake community and, as such, we’ve decided to make them available in the Shake app. In order to access the KISS documents, please follow the appropriate path below.

New Shake Users – If you’re new to Shake, you can create an account via this link and the KISS docs will be preloaded into your account.

Existing Shake Users – If you already have a Shake account, login to your account here, and the agreements will be added to your account in the Shake app. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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Abe Geiger

Abe is the Founder and CEO of Shake. Prior to Shake, Abe held various roles at early-stage technology startups in both New York and the Bay Area. While in business school, Abe worked at two venture capital firms, Canaan Partners and Greycroft, sourcing and analyzing investment opportunities. During that time he co-founded the NYC Turing Fellows program to bring more engineering talent to NYC startups.

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