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6 Ways to Use Shake at SXSW

Every spring, the tech, film and music communities converge in Austin, Texas for a series of conferences known as South by Southwest (SXSW). The technology specific conference, SXSW Interactive, begins this week.

While there are plenty of apps that can come in handy while you’re at the festival, the Shake App could prove to be one of the most versatile.

Austin Skyline - SXSW

HANDSHAKE DEALS 2.0 – SXSW is a mecca for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. This means that there are countless opportunities to network and strike deals. Sure, you could rely on The Handshake Deal Protocol, but why risk it when you can issue a legally binding NDA in a matter or seconds on your iPhone?

HIRE A CREATIVE ROCKSTAR - SXSW activities include a long list of Design & Development workshops as well as a Digital Creatives Job Marketplace. Needless to say, there will be a lot of talented designers in Austin next week. If you happen to discover an exceptional graphic designer, you can use one of the Shake Freelance templates to hire him/her on the spot.

NO ROOM AT THE INN – There always seems to be a shortage of hotel rooms at SXSW. Last year, all of the hotels rooms within a 20 mile radius of Austin were completely booked by October1. If you live in the area and have an extra bedroom, you can draft a room rental contract under the Make Your Own Agreement section and earn some extra cash*.

FEED YOUR INNER FOODIE - Austin is a city that is known for its food trucks2.  Many of them are cash only so if you have to borrow or lend a few dollars during your stay, you can use the Shake loan template to keep track of the bill.

WHAT HAPPENS AT SXSW, STAYS AT SXSW - Let’s face it, SXSW can be A LOT of fun…sometimes too much fun. Use the Create Your Own Agreement to quickly draft a contract between you and your buds stating that certain SXSW stories won’t leave Austin.

If you have any great Shake at SXSW stories, we would love to hear it. Tweet us at @ShakeLaw and use the hashtag #SXSWShake.

(Photo by George Miquilena/Creative Commons)


* Short term leasing ordinances vary by city. Please check out your local laws before renting out a room or your apartment.

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