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5 Apps Every Freelance Writer or Blogger Needs

by Ryan Bushey

5 Apps Every Freelance Writer or Blogger Needs

Freelance writing can be a very rewarding career, but it’s often competitive. Hard work and determination will certainly help you succeed, but these five useful apps can help give you an extra edge.

1. Dragon Diction

dragon diction app

Interviews can be fun assignments for fledgling writers. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so you’ll have the chance to collect plenty of material to form a compelling profile.

You can take notes with a pen and paper, but an app like Dragon Dictation might be better. iPhone owners can use this app to turn voice recordings into text. Activate it during an interview to ensure you capture the entirety of the conversation. After you leave to write the article, try to record your own observations to add more context.

The app ensures you don’t forget anything and reduces the amount of time you have to spend sorting through piles of notes.

Available: iPhone

Pricing: Free

2.  Transcribe


If you want to try a different program, download Transcribe. This Google Chrome extension enables you to upload a variety of audio files into your web browser and transcribe a conversation all in one page. Every edit is automatically saved.  A slew of built-in keyboard shortcuts let you easily pause, fast-forward, and rewind so you don’t miss anything. Plus, you don’t need an internet connection to use the app. You can transcribe an audio file whenever you want while offline.

Available: Google Chrome

Pricing: Free

3. SelfControl


As a freelancer you usually don’t have to report an office — you can usually work from home. One of the downsides is that you face lots of distractions, which can be a problem because reliably delivering work on time is key to continuing to get assignments.

SelfControl is a free web application that can help. It will let you set customized timers to block your access to distracting websites like Facebook and Twitter while you work.

Available: Mac

Pricing: Free


taggly app
Successful freelance writers need to be very detail-oriented. Accuracy is important. Quotes have to be credited to the right sources, pictures and videos need to be properly labeled, etc. is a great app that can serve as a safety net in case you neglect to add one of these crucial elements to a piece. The app automatically adds names, logos, locations, and time stamps to any video or photo you take on your phone.

Available: iPhone, Android

Pricing: Free

5. Sunrise

sunrise calendar app
A good calendar app should round out your tech arsenal. Sunrise is an excellent choice.

Essentially, Sunrise gathers data from Facebook and Google (contract information, birthdays, etc.) and incorporates it into your calendar. It lets you schedule meetings and events with a few clicks. The best part is that Sunrise can sync across phones and computers. Reminders will appear on multiple devices so you never miss a deadline or interview.

Available: Mac, iPhone, Android

Pricing: Free


If you’re a freelance writer, efficiency, organization and dependability are essential to your success. Fortunately, there are a lot of free technology tools out there that can help.

Ryan is a freelance journalist covering topics related to technology and small business.