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Important Shake for iOS Upgrade News

We wanted to let you know that, over the next few weeks, we will be releasing a new version of our iOS app that has a revamped look and feel. This update will give iOS users a number of highly requested features that our Android users already enjoy, such as full editing capabilities. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

What Shake iOS Users Should Do Before the Upgrade

Any legacy agreements that are in your Draft or Pending folders at the time of the upgrade will be archived and will no longer be visible in the app. If you have pending agreements that you would like to keep, please complete them before the app upgrade

What About Agreements I’ve Sent that Aren’t Completed?

If you have sent an agreement  for signature and it has not yet been signed by the other party, this update will only remove the offered agreement from your view — it will not withdraw, cancel or retract the offered agreement. Your recipient will still be able to access and sign the agreement via the email link they received when you first sent the agreement to them for signing. To withdraw an offered agreement that the other party has not yet signed, please notify that party in writing (email is fine) that the offer has been withdrawn.

What About My Completed Agreements?

The upgrade will not impact competed agreements (agreements that have been signed by both parties via Shake). You will continue to be able to see those agreements in the app post-upgrade.

What About Android and Shake For Business Users?

Android users will not be impacted by this update and therefore do not need to take any action. Also, anyone using Shake for Business templates and agreements (on both iOS and Android) will also not be impacted.

When Will the App Upgrade Be Released?

The new app will come out some time over the next few weeks. We’ll alert you again before this update officially goes live, but please start getting those pending agreements signed. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email us at