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Introducing the Shake Image Release

by Vinay Jain Introducing the Shake Image Release

An image release can help ensure that you have the legal right to use a person’s likeness in your photography. Shake’s new Image Release forms make it easy to create, sign and manage an image release on the go.

When Should I Use an Image Release?

You should use an image release (also known as a model release) if you intend for the photo to be used for a commercial, non-editorial purpose. This can include using a person’s image in an advertisement, on a website, or in a brochure. You will also most likely need an image release if you intend to sell the photo via a stock photography service.

What’s in the Image Release?

Shake’s Image Release includes:

  • The granting of full rights to the photographer to use and edit the model’s image.
  • The granting of full rights to the photographer to sell the model’s image.
  • The model’s release of the photographer for any claims arising in connection with the use of the image.

Add a Photo of the Signer

One of the difficult things about keeping track of image releases once they’re signed is putting the right face to the name. Fortunately, Shake makes it easy. Just select the “In Person” option and the model can use y0ur mobile device to snap a selfie after they sign. The picture gets attached to the signature block for easy reference later.

On the other hand, if you’re sending the release to the model for signature over email, there’s a template (“Not in Person”) that lets you do that as well, without the image. 


For free access to the Image Release, please sign up for a Shake account or log into your existing Shake account here. When you do, a new folder will appear in the Shake app.

As always, Shake templates may not be suited to your specific needs. Consult a licensed attorney in your area for questions particular to your situation.

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As Chief Legal Officer, Vinay serves as Shake's general counsel, is responsible for the company's legal contracts and content, and leads efforts to educate consumers and small businesses about the law.

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