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Introducing the Shake DJ Contract

by Vinay Jain Introducing the Shake DJ Contract

Whether you’re a DJ or are looking to hire one, Shake’s DJ Contract makes it easy to get your agreement in writing so you never miss a beat.

The DJ Contract covers key terms including:

  • The time and location of the event
  • Payment, including deposit amount
  • What equipment the DJ will provide
  • Hirer obligations
  • Delay & interruptions
  • Cancellation of performance
  • Liability & Indemnification

To access the DJ Contract, please sign up for a Shake account or log into your existing Shake account here. When you do, a new folder will appear in the Shake app.


As always, Shake templates may not be suited to your specific needs. Consult a licensed attorney in your area for questions particular to your situation.

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Vinay Jain

As Chief Legal Officer, Vinay serves as Shake's general counsel, is responsible for the company's legal contracts and content, and leads efforts to educate consumers and small businesses about the law.

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