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Meet Shake User Adam Glazer

Adam Glazer is a Middlebury, Vermont-based illustrator who works with storyboards, sequential art for games, dark art and more.

Adam uses Shake to create simple, concise contracts for small projects that don’t require complicated agreements filled with legalese.

How do you use Shake?

I’ve used Shake a few times recently as an experiment with a couple of local clients; their projects were quite simple in approach. I discovered Shake through Flipboard on my iPad one day and realized this was an ideal process for me without over-complicating things. Once the client signs the contract directly from my app, they have flexibility in using Paypal or any other method to compensate for my services rendered.

How did you handle your contracting needs before Shake?

I used templates from the Graphic Artists Guild handbook and created contracts on my word processor with the end result of converting them to PDFs or printing them out to be signed. It was a bit time-consuming and some of the language was a bit more involved relating to intellectual property agreements that had nothing to do with certain projects. However, when it comes to small projects, Shake is ideal for this.

Illustration by Adam Glazer This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

What kind of impact has Shake had on your productivity?

It has sped up the process of communicating with my clients and made it so much easier to write my signature with the stylus to be ready for approval. I love how I can generate a contract in my iPhone wherever I may be at without being tethered to my home studio working up a document. I like how Shake allows me to protect certain intellectual property rights to be shared, or not, to assure control over the situation.

To whom would you recommend Shake?

I would highly recommend Shake to any artist or designer who needs to generate a contract quickly on small to medium projects.

Check out Adam’s website here.

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