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Meet Shake User Jarrett Leger, Photographer and Graphic Designer

Meet Shake User Jarrett Leger, Photographer and Graphic Designer

Jarrett is the owner of Jarrett Leger Photography, an Omaha-based company that specializes in event, sports and portraiture photography. He’s also a graphic designer who works with companies to create logos, websites, branding, advertising and marketing assets. Jarrett uses Shake to optimize his workflow and save time with his clients.

How do you use Shake?

I use Shake all the time for creating my contracts with clients. It’s one of the easiest and simplest ways to handle business agreements.

How did you handle your contracting and agreement needs before discovering Shake?

Before Shake, I created a basic template contracts for my clients. It would typically take me 30 to 40 minutes to change and re-type new contracts specifically for each of my clients. It was a pain.

What kind of impact has Shake had on your productivity?

Shake has helped me tremendously with making my workflow easy. Being a photographer, any time that you can save is great! I’m constantly looking for ways to minimize but optimize my workflow. Saving the time I spent rewriting contracts gives me more time to go out and shoot or edit images.

My favorite thing about Shake is being able to sign contracts directly on my device and working on the contract with the clients right there on the spot. That way, we both know what is expected of us.

To whom would you recommend Shake?

I always recommend Shake to every photographer and graphic designer who asks me about how I handle my contracts.

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