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Meet Shake User Jesse Bray

Meet Shake User Jesse Bray Photo by Galaxie Andrews

Jesse is a Portland-based designer and animator who owns Mr.Bray, a one-stop shop design and animation studio that specializes in everything from print to web to film. Jesse uses Shake to make agreements both on the spot and with clients who are thousands of miles away.

How do you use Shake?

I love Shake, one of my most recent experiences was with a company needing me to design an animation for the Trail Blazers. It was great, there I was in a coffee shop discussing the project with the client and we whipped up the terms of our contract right on the fly. It took less than 10 minutes and the client then handed me a deposit so I was able to go right to work after our meeting.

This app is especially convenient for me when I need to hire on sub-contractors for projects from time to time since many work from out of state. 

How did you handle your contracting/agreement needs before discovering Shake?

It was awful. It would take several emails/phone calls back and forth with my clients, often including a physical meeting to sign the paperwork. All the while, I wasn’t protected if I wanted to start early on a project. This added extra time between project start and completion.

Flying High Illustration Jesse Brey

“Flying High” by Jesse Bray

What kind of impact has Shake had on your productivity level?

Shake has saved my bacon over and over again by helping me get down to hard deadlines, deposits and mapping out each project’s expectations.

What are the features you like the most about Shake?

Hands down my favorite feature is the signature feature. I can sign my copy and send it over to the client to sign it and send it straight back to me.

To whom would you recommend Shake?

Every freelance designer or artist needs this app! I’ve personally hooked up half a dozen other designers and clients with the app this year and I plan on converting every new client and designer I meet!

Check out Jesse’s website and be sure to follow him on Twitter at @madjessebray.

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