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Meet Shake User Jim Leszczynski, Creative Designer

Meet Shake User Jim Leszczynski, Creative Designer Jim Leszczynski (third from left) with the Lost Type team

Jim serves as Principal and Owner of Good Behavior, a creative design studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He uses Shake to make efficient agreements with his clients so he can quickly get back to the parts of his job he enjoys the most.

How do you use Shake?

As a designer, writing contracts is my least favorite part of my job. Shake has helped me streamline the agreement process and gets me back to creating things I’m passionate about.

How did you handle your contracting needs before discovering Shake?

More often than not, I operated without an agreement. If our client was substantial enough, I would spend hours cherry picking pieces of sample agreements that were often too complicated or not relevant.


Illustration by Jim Leszczynski

What kind of impact has Shake had on your productivity level?

Shake has created a quick and efficient way for me to create personalized agreements for all of my clients quickly and painlessly.

What do you like about Shake?

The email signature interface that accompanies Shake makes it so easy for my clients to return an agreement instantly. Ultimately, it means less time dealing with paperwork and more time developing kick-ass identities.

To whom would you recommend Shake?

I can’t imagine any small business owner operating without Shake.

Check out Jim’s website and follow him on Twitter at @jimleszczynski.

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