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Meet Shake User Shane Russell, Founder of So Pretty

Meet Shake User Shane Russell, Founder of So Pretty

Shane is Founder of So Pretty, a beauty video tutorial site that helps its users with everything from applying eye makeup to blowdrying your hair. He uses Shake to create agreements with the hair stylists and makeup artists that appear on his site, ensuring that all “what if?” questions are taken care of ahead of time.

How do you use Shake?

I’ve been using Shake for all the agreements we make with the hair and makeup artists featured on the site. They amount to something like, “You were paid and we own the content.” All the people we’ve worked with are super sweet and would never argue that. But at the same time, it’s a comfort to not have those lingering thoughts of, “what if?”

Shake is great at only presenting you with the stuff you need to see. You don’t have to go digging through menus. I also really like that I can work on an agreement beforehand and then just have it ready on my phone when it’s time to sign.

How did you handle your contracting and agreement needs before discovering Shake?

Before discovering Shake, I was just clueless. I wasn’t doing anything with regards to contracts or agreements.


What kind of impact has Shake had on your productivity level?

Well, compared to my old approach (doing nothing), I guess Shake has added a little more to my workload. But, the extra 5 minutes it takes to make a contract with Shake is more than worth it.

To whom would you recommend Shake?

I would recommend Shake to anyone doing anything freelance or working on their own. It really adds a level of security and professionalism that would otherwise not possible without paying a ton of money.

Is there anything else you want the world to know about Shake?

Yes! Signup for the webinars. I’ve learned so much through Shake’s webinars and blog posts, all for free! Shake has some great resources and great teachers sharing information.

Be sure to check out Shane’s website and follow So Pretty on Twitter at @soprettyco.

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