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Meet Shake User Vivian Iyamba

Vivian Iyamba works in Operations for Palo Alto-based Cloudera, an enterprise data management company that offers the first unified Platform for Big Data.

Vivian uses Shake to get her personal day-to-day agreements in writing for peace of mind.


How do you use Shake?

I had a friend ask me if she could borrow my car for a road trip. I am 28, and rent my apartment in the city. My car is the only thing I own, it is my baby! I had a negative experience lending my car in the past, but I really trusted my friend and wanted to help her out.  I was able to make a contract on my phone in 5 minutes and email her for her signature using Shake. Within 24 hours, we had an agreement and she was on her way to a wonderful roadtrip. In the end we both “won”; I had contract that made me feel protected, and she saved money not having to deal with a rental car company.

How did you handle your contracting needs before Shake?

Prior to discovering Shake, I didn’t have the opportunity to make contracts on the spot, resulting in costly out of pocket expenses and spoiled relationships.

What are the elements you like the most about Shake?

Shake is simple to use. The friendly UI makes the experience effortless. We have enough “junk” apps that require you to sign into another website to link your information.

The cool thing about Shake is that you don’t have to be a professional to use the app. In my current profession, I don’t need to use the app. However, in my daily life, I have used Shake to pay my rent, lend money, and borrow goods to friends. It’s free and risk free.

To whom would you recommend Shake?

I would recommend Shake to anyone. From business to personal life, there is always a need to protect yourself or property. It’s no different than buying insurance; people nowadays have to be smart. Shake empowers you to legally take charge of your affairs, in the comfort of your hands.

Photos by Megan Mills. Follow Megan on Twitter.

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