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5 Mobile Apps For Filmmakers

5 Mobile Apps For Filmmakers

Shake recently released a Production Legal Bundle featuring a library of contract templates that filmmakers most often need. The contracts cover everything from locations releases to hiring crew to licensing music rights. 

To celebrate the Production Bundle, we’ve compiled a list of some other mobile apps that could come in handy on a movie set or on location.

SHOT LISTERScene Scheduling

A one-liner is a simple document that lists the order that scenes will be shot in and on what days. Shot Lister lets you daily generate a one-liner on your device and gives you the ability to manage and adjust the schedule. Cast and crew can see a read only version of the schedule and be notified of shoot changes in real time. 

LUAOn Set Communication

Lua is a communication and collaboration tool for mobile workforce, such as those on a movie set. The app lets you create a directory of your team members and you can segment those members into groups such as hair and makeup, casting, etc. Lua offers the ability to easily send messages or conduct conference calls with your entire crew, segments, or with individual members. It’s been used by the production crews for American Idol, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, and  Super Bowl XLVIII.

PROPROMPTER – Portable Teleprompting

The ProPrompter app turns your iPad or iPhone into a professional teleprompter.  The app includes smooth scrolling capapilities and the ability to update scripts from a second device (for last minute script edits).  


The Storyboard Composer app lets you pre-visualize and layout the scenes for your film. The app less you you add images from your camera or library, insert characters, and add camera or scene directions, and insert story notes to your digital storyboard. It also makes it easy to rearrange boards should you need to make some last minute script changes. 

MOVIE SLATE HD - Digital Film Slate

One of the most iconic symbols of film making is of a film slate clapping at the start of a shoot. The Movie Slate app is an all-in-one digital film slate, clapperboard, and shot log.

Did we miss your favorite digital movie making app? If so, let us know on Twitter.