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6 Great New Yorker Magazine Articles Every Freelancer Needs To Read

by Ryan Bushey

6 Great New Yorker Magazine Articles Every Freelancer Needs To Read

The New Yorker recently announced that it’s making its entire backlog of articles free for a limited time. We dug through the archives to find must-read pieces for a variety of creatives: writers, programmers, designers and photographers. Check them out for free while you still can!


Search And Destroy” by Ben McGrath. McGrath’s fantastic profile of Nick Denton, the polarizing CEO of Gawker Media, is a must-read for bloggers, journalists and other writers. Denton started out as a finance journalist before he started his series of news and gossip sites.

Hollywood Shadows” by Dana Goodyear. Writer’s block is the bane of every writer’s existence. Dana Goodyear chatted with Barry Michels, a therapist who has a unique way of helping wordsmiths overcome this debilitating mindset.

Developers and Programmers

A Dark Room: The Best-Selling Game That No One Can Explain” by Michael Thomsen. People are obsessed with A Dark Room. Players continuously tap the screen to see a complex story unfold. There are no graphics and barely any color, just text. Thomsen talked with the creators of the game to see how their insight and originality led to such unexpected success.


The Tweaker” by Malcolm Gladwell. Steve Jobs was notoriously picky about designing Apple’s products. He wanted absolute perfection. Although this is part of what made Jobs a “complicated and exhausting man,” according to Gladwell, it also offers insights into what it takes to build something truly revolutionary.

The Piracy Paradox” by James Surowiecki. It is not easy being a fashion designer. As soon as something becomes fashionable, knockoffs flood the market. Surowiecki’s piece is an interesting take on how fashion designers can cope.


Depth Of Field” by Janet Malcolm. Thomas Struth, a German photographer, reminisces about the time he ended up painting a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and The Duke Of Edinburgh. This wasn’t Struth’s specialty, but he couldn’t pass the assignment up.


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