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We Want You: Join the Shake Student Ambassador program!

by Harris Brown

Here at Shake we are proud to announce the launch of our Student Ambassador program!

We are looking for students across the nation to be part of our inaugural class of Shake Student Ambassadors. As one of the first-ever Shake Student Ambassadors, you will help shape the future of the program going forward…and will be rewarded and valued as such!

Shake Student Ambassador Program

As a Shake Student Ambassador, you will act as the official liaison between Shake and your college campus. You will have the opportunity to provide valuable product feedback and insight to the Shake team, plan and host events around campus and evangelize Shake to your fellow students, teachers and campus groups.

Whether it’s signing a quick agreement with your roommates, selling your textbooks at the end of a semester or loaning your buddy a few bucks, Shake is a simple yet powerful tool for students to quickly document those everyday transactions that would otherwise be left to a handshake. We’re excited to see Shake being put to use on campuses across the nation!


In an effort to make it easy for you, we have listed a few options for applying below. Via your option of choice, please answer the following question: What makes you a great Shake Student Ambassador? Only apply through one of the options below. No preference is given to any option, so just apply via the option that is best for you!

Twitter — In 140 characters or less, tweet to @ShakeLaw.

Facebook — Tag Shake in a Facebook post.

Shake — Apply via an agreement in the Shake app.  Create an agreement via the “Create Your Own” agreement template. Include the answer to the question above, as well as your email address (required) and links to your personal website/blog, LinkedIn and Twitter (if applicable) in the agreement. Sign and send your completed agreement/application to Harris Brown at


Aside from the legendary status of simply being a Shake Student Ambassador, you will also have the opportunity to:

  • Receive monetary rewards for top performance
  • Develop valuable career, leadership and resume experience working alongside a fast-growing tech startup
  • Wear and give out all kinds of Shake swag
  • Receive early-access to new Shake features and services
  • Be featured on our blog as a Shake Student Ambassador
  • Make a direct impact to a fast-growing tech startup via valuable product feedback and insight
  • Receive discounts to our premium services (which will be coming soon!)

We’re looking for the kind of student that isn’t afraid to “roll-up” his or her sleeves, get dirty and make things happen. That resourceful self-starter with the creative juices to think outside of the box and the entrepreneurial spirit to put those thoughts into action. The student that can’t help but be involved on his or her campus. We’re looking for passion around technology and startups. That girl who loves to code. The guy who can’t stop thinking about “that idea”. The student that gets jazzed about planning, throwing and marketing that killer event. The hype man. The “let me run with this, I don’t need your help” woman. In short, we’re looking for you!

(Oh, and we welcome all majors and degrees to apply!)


photo of Harris Brown
Harris Brown

Harris is the Director of Growth at Shake, where he is focused on driving new users to Shake and ensuring they have an excellent experience once they arrive. While studying Economics at Stanford, Harris cut his startup chops as an early employee at Piazza, a Q&A platform for students and instructors. He briefly forgot how much he enjoyed the experience, but after a stint working in investment banking for UBS, he’s finally made his way back. Harris once took a coding course (or two) and sometimes likes to act like he can code.

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