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Shake Template Customization

Shake Template Customization

Since we first launched Shake for Business, many of you have asked, “What exactly do you mean when you say customize a Shake template?” To answer this question, we thought it might be useful to take a look at a few of the more common customization requests we’ve received.

Add a Logo

By far, the most requested customization has been adding a company logo to a contract. To do this, just send us your logo via the Shake for Business form and specify which agreement(s) you want to brand.

We’ll create a new folder in your Shake account (with your company name) that includes your branded templates.


Saved Scope of Work

Having a well-crafted and detailed scope of work (SOW) is an important part of any work-for-hire contract. We’ve heard from Shake users that it can sometimes be cumbersome to type in a SOW via your mobile device every time you need a new agreement. 

If you find yourself regularly using a certain structure in your scope of work or if you tend to reuse certain language, let us know and we can customize that field in your templates.


I Do Work-For-Hire Jobs but I’m Not a Freelancer

There’s been an explosion over the past few years of people working in work-for-hire positions. For many of these types of roles, particularly those in the technology and design fields, the term “freelancer” is the norm. However, in other industries, the term “freelancer” is not as common. In the business and marketing worlds, work-for-hire personnel are often refereed to as “consultants,” and in the skilled labor fields, as “contractors.” If you want to use one of the Freelance/Work-for-hire templates in the Shake app but would prefer to change the nomenclature, you can request that through the Shake for Business platform.

Payment Terms

Some jobs require payment structures that are outside of the built-in parameters of the standard Shake templates. If, for example, your job involves a retainer, or you need monthly billing, or if the hourly rate needs to be based on job roles ($X/hour for one component and $Y/hour for another component), you can request these sorts of changes.

Single Signer

Most Shake agreements require two signers – the contract creator and the recipient. But there are some situations where it makes more sense to have a single signer — for example, liability waivers and releases. If you have a business case that requires only one signer (or one that requires more than two signers), we can easily handle that request. Just let us know!

Additional Language

We’ve heard from a number of people who want to add an additional field or language to the template. We’ve had videographers, for example, who have asked us to change the Photography Assignment Agreement so that all references to photos and photography now read videos and videography. We’ve had web designers who have asked us to add parts of the software development agreement to the graphic design contract. We’ve had people ask us to insert a company mission statement into their templates. We’ve had people ask us to include specific language pertaining to property damage in the rental agreements.

If you want to go this route, please be very specific with regards to which changes you would like us to make. If you have new language that you want us to add, please be sure that you supply us with the exact wording and where in the document you want it to be inserted. (Please remember that we don’t evaluate your wording for legal sufficiency or correctness; we make the edits exactly as you send them). We are also happy to provide you with an editable version of any Shake template to make this process easier for you.


Shake for Business is still a young product and these are just a handful of the requests we’ve seen. We want to make sure that the Shake app is a useful business tool for all of our customers. If you ever find yourself repeatedly entering the same type of information into the app or if you ever think, “Gee, I wish that this one part of the Shake app was worded a little differently or had a different option,“ you should consider submitting a customization request. If you’re an existing Shake for Business user, feel free to email us directly at