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Start Your Business Right with a Founder Accord

by Vinay Jain Start Your Business Right with a Founder Accord

We’ve talked about what can go wrong when you’re an entrepreneur who fails to get a basic agreement in place with your co-founders. Shake now offers a simple template for such an agreement, the Founder Accord.

The Founder Accord provides early stage entrepreneurs with a written record of the founding team’s roles and responsibilities in creating their new business. It serves as a valuable reference point to clarify expectations and can help avoid founder disputes.

Among the things the Founder Accord covers are:

  • Company Name
  • Business Idea
  • Equity Stakes
  • Job Titles
  • Board of Directors
  • Ownership Stakes
  • Vesting Schedules
  • Founders’ Commitments
  • Expected Salary and Compensation
  • Confidentiality Requirements
  • Dispute Resolution

The Founder Accord was developed by McCormick & O’Brien, a New York law firm. Read more about the thinking behind the Accord here.

For free access to the Founder Accord, please visit here.

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Vinay Jain

As Chief Legal Officer, Vinay serves as Shake's general counsel, is responsible for the company's legal contracts and content, and leads efforts to educate consumers and small businesses about the law.

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