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“Bangarang” – The truth behind Shake’s internal motto

Most people’s interpretation of our internal motto — Bangarang — is surface level at best. That word has a much deeper meaning to us than simply making reference to a great movie.

The philosophy behind Bangarang is complex. It’s team unity, it’s a sense of exploration, it’s a willingness to follow our inner child. It’s that magical compass that guides all great innovators and that most people lose sight of, at the unfortunate expense of being more “sensible.” It’s a desire to look at problems with no preconceived notion of the possible solutions. That’s the power of Neverland. That’s the power of the lost boys. Bangarang is their motto, and at Shake, it’s our motto, too.

Summarized in a single phrase, given legs by Hollywood, but only given meaning by those who draw inspiration from its symbolism and manifest that in their work and surroundings. Bangarang is not just a word from a great movie. It’s a way of life.

Bangarang Rufio Peter Pan Movie

Image via / Columbia TriStar