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Webinar: What Every Freelancer Should Know About Contracts

Webinar: What Every Freelancer Should Know About Contracts

Please join Shake and the Editorial Freelance Association for a free webinar, What Every Freelancer Should Know About Contracts.

The webinar will take place on Jan. 21, 2015 and will run from 3:00 pm ET–4:15 pm ET.

Shake Chief Legal Officer Vinay Jain will serve as host and will discuss best practices for using contracts to ensure that freelancers and clients remain on the same page with regards to project expectations, ownership and payment.  

Among the topics covered will be:

  • How to ensure you’ll be paid for your work
  • Ways of keeping freelance projects on scope
  • Tips for specifying who owns your work
  • How to clarify client expectations
  • How to dealing with contract cancellations
  • Ways to limit liability
  • Tips for deciding whether to form a company

There will be a Q&A at the end of the presentation.

The webinar is open to the public and is free, but registration is limited so please register today.

We hope you’ll join us.