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Webinar: Working with Independent Contractors, What Every Startup Founder Needs to Know

If you’re a startup founder (or an aspiring one), it seems like there are a million different things to keep track of. When it comes to information about legal issues, Shake can help. Join Shake’s Chief Legal Officer Vinay Jain for a free webinar, “Working with Independent Contractors for Startups,” where he’ll cover:

  • How to properly classify workers as contractors or employees
  • Practical considerations when working with independent contractors
  • Paying contractors in equity
  • The pitfalls of working with unpaid interns
  • How to ensure that you own the work a contractor creates for you
  • Q&A, and more

This live, hour-long webinar will be held:

Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 1-2 PM ET

Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 6-7 PM ET

Space is limited, so please register now using the following link:

We hope you can join us!