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Welcome to Shake for Web and Shake Pro!

Welcome to Shake for Web and Shake Pro!

Shake’s Senior Product Manager walks you through the new features of Shake for Web and Shake Pro and the thinking behind them. 

Create, sign, and send

We started Shake with a simple concept. Agreements should be easy to create, sign, and send. Freelancers, small business owners, and teams within large organizations shouldn’t be worried about basic contracts or legal fees. They should be focused on selling their products, services, and growing their businesses. Straightforward, repeatable legal contracts should be simple and approachable.

So, we designed a library of templates that were understandable and effective at establishing a legal agreement. And from there, built a system that made it easy to sign and complete documents that were created using these templates. The first iteration of Shake was real and we feel very fortunate to have helped people with an unnecessarily complex problem.

Everyone needed the same things

Once the first version of Shake was in the wild, we started studying the ways people were using it. We talked to everyone we could, and in doing so, heard three consistent product requests. Each of them spanning across several use cases and a wide range of organizations.

People wanted to:

  1. Access Shake from the web, so we built the web app.
  2. Use the Shake platform with their own templates and branding, so we built Shake Pro.
  3. Manage agreements in their existing workflows, so we built Dropbox and Box integrations.

These three ideas were important to people using Shake. So we built them. And now they are available!

Keeping track of the basics

With Shake’s new Pro and Team accounts, it was important to us that we stay true to our roots — focusing on straightforward and simple solutions. We want you to stop worrying about agreements and get back to the work that makes you awesome.

We want you to stop worrying about agreements and get back to the work that makes you awesome.

Keeping that in mind, we are happy to announce Shake For Web, where you can use all the functionality that’s available from our native iOS and Android apps, and where you can now use our new Pro and Team features. From our web app, Pro and Team accounts can (1) upload documents for conversion into Shake templates, (2) customize existing Shake templates, making them your own, (3) add custom logos to your agreements and folders, and (4) sync your completed agreements with Dropbox and/or Box. Plus, we can build smart notifications into your new custom templates that will do things like remind you when upcoming payments are due or an agreement is about to expire.

It’s all yours

Create, sign, send, and manage agreements with all the convenience of your computer and its full-screen-of-pixels glory. Make Shake your own, customize your templates, and integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows. We’re excited for you to check out all the possibilities with our web app and Shake Pro.

With that, go dive in! It was made with love. And it’s all for you.

Have teammates on Shake?

If you’re interested in learning more about configuring your Shake account to work better for a team of people, where an admin’s templates are accessible from more than one account and completed agreements can be managed by members of your organization, please contact us. We’re here to make Shake even easier for you and your team!