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DJ Contract - Never Miss a Beat

Use a DJ Contract to set expectations with the venue and to help ensure you'll get paid for your gig.


Use the Shake by LegalShield app to fill out your DJ Contract


Sign the contract via your smartphone or tablet


Send the document to the other party for signature

Why Do I Need A DJ Contract?

A contract sets expectations pertaining to the performance and pay. For the DJ, a contract can help ensure that you'll get paid in the event of a show cancellation and that you'll have the appropriate equipment for your performance. For the show organizer, a contract offers some assurance that the DJ will fulfill his or her duties.

What Does the DJ Contract Cover?

Venue Name - Venue Location - Performance Date - Performance Time - Payment Terms - List of equipment to be provided by facility vs. by performer - Requested Playlists - Setup/Takedown Information - Cancellation Policy - Recording Rights.