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Things move pretty quickly in the startup world. Don't forget to protect your legal rights. Use the Founder Accord to keep you and your co-founders on the same page.

Set Expectations

Document startup founders' roles, responsibilities and compensation.

Protect Your Rights

Ensure that your contribution to the company is properly acknowledged.

Save A Friendship

Prevent a business disagreement from ruining a friendship.

Why do I need a Founder Accord?

A Founder Accord provides early stage entrepreneurs with a written record of the founding team's roles and responsibilities in creating their new business. It can serve as a valuable reference point should the business decide to incorporate and can help to settle founder disputes.

What Does A Founder Accord Cover?

Company Name - Business Idea - Founders' Names - Equity Stakes - Job Titles - Board of Directors - Ownership Stakes- Vesting Schedules - Founders' Commitments - Expected Salary and Compensation - Confidentiality Requirements - Dispute Resolution