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Contracts for Running Your Startup

We've put together a free collection of some of the most frequently used contract templates that startups and new businesses need.


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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect trade secrets, intellectual property and proprietary information.

Founder Accord

Use a Founder Accord, also known as a Founder's Agreement, when creating a new business. Clarify what the business idea is, who the founders are, what their roles will be in the company, and how much equity they will own in the new venture.

Funding Documents

The KISS (Keep It Simple Security) funding templates were developed by 500 Startups. They include a version for funding your startup with convertible debt and one for funding with an equity stake.

Freelance and Consulting Agreements

Retain the services of business consultants, freelance graphic designers, freelance software developers, and general freelancers to help you build your new business.

Offer Letter

Extend an offer letter to employees you want to hire for full-time employment. The offer letter in the Startup Bundle was drafted by law firm Gunderson Dettmer.