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Film & Video Production Legal Bundle

Shake's Production Legal bundle takes the legal documents that filmmakers and video professionals most often need and makes them easily accessible on location via a mobile device.

What's in the Film & Video Production Legal Bundle?

We've created a free collection of attorney-drafted, customizable templates focused on all phases of the production cycle.

How Shake Works

Create a contract in the Shake app. Sign your customized contract on your mobile device. Send the document to the other party for signature or have them sign on the spot if they are present.

Location Release

Permission from a private property owner to film on his/her property.

Name and Image Release

Permission to feature photographs, records or interviews in a documentary or reality project.

Artwork Release

Permission to include a painting, photo, poster, etc. in your project.

Parental Consent Form

Permission for an actor who is a minor to appear on film or video.

Producer Contract

Contract for hiring executive and co-producers.

Director Contract

Contract for hiring a director for your film or video project.

Actor Contract

Contract for hiring lead or supporting actors.

Day Player Contract

Contract for hiring extras and actors with a few/no lines.

Casting Contracts

Contracts for hiring casting directors and casting assistants.

Production Designer Contract

Contract for hiring a lead production designer or art director.

Hair, Makeup & Costume Contracts

Contracts for hiring hairdressers, makeup artists and costume designers.

Director of Photography Contract

Contract for hiring a director of photography for your project.

Master Use & Sync Licenses

Contracts for licensing existing songs for use in a film or video project.

Composer Contract

Contract for hiring a composer to create original music for a project, e.g. a score, a slate of original songs, etc.

Crew Contract

Contract for hiring grips, gaffers, camera personnel, craft services personnel, assistant directors, engineers, production assistants, etc.

Loanout Conversion Letter

Contract for anyone who asks to be paid through a loanout corporation.